In 2004, in an effort to provide clarity regarding business ethics and thus motivate improvement by businesses locally, regionally, nationally and ultimately Internationally, Rotarians from the Fairfield, Ohio Rotary Club formed a team to develop an Ethical Business Guide for Businesses and other organizations.

An ethical business conducts its affairs in ways that compliment purely financial motivations. Operating an ethical business demonstrates a recognition and concern for all those who are affected by the business venture. The conduct of a business in an ethical manner is a character-driven expectation of our society.

We believe this guide provides clarity and prudent direction toward ethical business practices. It is our hope that business leaders, armed with these principles, will review the role of ethics in their company and carefully consider decisions that could erode, or improve, the ethical culture

The Ethical Business Team
Rotary Club
Fairfield, OH
July 2013

Ethical Characteristics
An ethical business conducts its affairs following these five core ethical characteristics:

Ethical Leadership
Concern for Customer

DG Award at 2014 Rotary District Conference

DG Award at 2014 Rotary District Conference