Respect is a critical value in demonstrating ethical behavior. An ethical business demonstrates respect to all parties involved in the business endeavor


Treat customers courteously

Show empathy, listening and demonstrating high regard to all with a “golden rule” attitude in mind.

Promotes transparency of product/services

An ethical business provides full disclosure of details regarding products and services enabling a more complete understanding of what is being bought and sold.

Make honest promises

An ethical company advertises truthfully and stands behind promises made to the client and consumer.


Select ethical vendors

It is the responsibility of every company to hire ethical vendors and treat them as a member of your business team.

Foster a trusting relationship

Each company will find that by dealing with ethical vendors on a regular basis they will truly foster a trust relationship. The vendor will do everything in their power to service their customers because of the trusting relationship.

Treat vendors in a trusting respectful manner.

An ethically run company pays bills on time. This fosters loyalty from vendors and promotes positive relationships throughout the business community. Vendors should be treated with the same respect as customers by all team members.


Company Leadership:

Demonstrates trust with information that affects the staff
Information should be communicated timely and in the correct forum.

Fosters respect among employees between themselves and encourages positive relationships at all levels.
Employees are encouraged to challenge one another in a positive and respectful manner.

Demonstrates empathy

Employers need empathy in order to show their employees that they care for their needs and achievements. Employers should support managers who care about how someone else feels or consider the effects of business decisions on employees, customers and communities.

Provides good communication – honest and two-way

Make available regular and on-going opportunities for employees to provide feedback to management. Use multiple channels/forums. Lead by positive examples that are visible to employees.

Listens well and with an open door policy and demonstrates follow through

Respect for staff includes accessibility to company leaders. Some situations are resolved then and there; others require additional steps or another meeting. Exercise care to follow through on promises made in a timely way.

Executes fair reviews – no surprises

Goals and job performance expectations should be clear and measurable. Reviews should be conducted with professionalism, and should be conducted around facts. Celebrate areas of strength, and offer help in areas that require further development. Allow the employee the courtesy of an open dialogue during the review process.

Community at Large

Demonstrates good corporate citizenship

Often omitted from discussion of Ethical Business is respect for the community in which you do business. Good corporate ethics should include good corporate citizenship nationally as well as locally. It is good business to participate in the community that you do business and who, in part, supports you.

Maintain property appearance

Your business appearance should reflect standards desired as if your home was located next to it.

Be mindful of giving back to the community

A company’s reputation in the community in which they do business can be measured by what they give. This can be accomplished by both supporting community needs and applying ethical and moral practices in making profit. Your business should set clear rules and establish a philosophy that encourages vendors, employees and customers to collaborate in giving back to the community.

Show concern for company image in the community

Showing pride in the appearance of facilities demonstrates respect for the community. A company’s reputation also can have a positive or negative impact on the community. A business of integrity protects both appearance and reputation not only for the company benefit but for the community as well.

Be environmentally responsible

Companies should act responsibility and be environmentally aware in manufacturing, recycling and conservation of raw materials, electricity, energy, water and fuels. It is good business practice to make wise decisions to bolster public opinion, shared value and resource sustainability. Leaders and employees should establish a clear balanced policy in what is good for business and good for the environment.

Be philanthropic (not necessarily money)

Good corporate citizenship also includes helping those groups, agencies, and persons in need in the community. Involving your employees to decide on, help with, or participate in helping with these needs is beneficial. Although participating in community fund drives is important, many need-based projects require the donated time, experience, and energy of your employees. Interactive efforts often develop a closer, happier, and more concerned and productive employee team.