An ethical business values relationships.

Customers / Suppliers

  • Develops relationships that are mutually beneficial
    (when contracts are necessary they are created accordingly)
  • Demonstrates reliability/dependability
  • Seek “win-win” partnerships vs.one-sided vendor relationships

The engagement is conducted with a genuine interest in success in the minds of both the client and supplier.


  • Demonstrate loyalty to all staff regardless of status

    Each staff member whether full time, part time or contract worker should demonstrate loyalty to on another. Loyalty facilitates teamwork and only strong, united teams can succeed in today’s economy.

  • Loyalty between company and staff is an expectation

    Loyalty is a two way street. A company without loyalty to its staff will find that workers will not give a 100% effort on the job. Workers will become disgruntled affecting the morale of the company and may be constantly looking for other job opportunities.

  • Achieve the right balance between business decisions and loyalty

    For example, business decisions that impact the lives of employees should be given careful consideration.The company’s first responsibility is to make a profit for their shareholders and employees, There may be tough decisions a company has to make in difficult times and with technology advances. For the entire staff to clearly understand why business decisions are made a clear and effective communications link between employees and management must be maintained.