Using the Pocket-Size Ethical Business Guide

Core Values

The Ethical Business Man

Tell the world that you are an ethical business

Distribute the pocket-size ethical business guide

The pocket ethical business guide has your business card attached to the back cover. Every individual handed this booklet is instantly aware that you are an ethical business person and you work for an ethical company. Readers will reflect on decisions by considering ethical principles.

Distributing these guides promotes ethical business practices throughout the business community in your contact sphere.

How to distribute the guide:

  •  Give one to each employee on staff as well as future employees. This will strengthen the ethical culture within your organization
  •  Send one to each of your suppliers. This will strengthen your service partnerships
  •  Give one to each client contact. This will enhance your client relationships
  •  Give one to prospective clients. This tells them that you are an ethical business; one they will want to partner with
  • Consider using the guide as part of your marketing campaign by distributing copies with your letter to serious prospects. 
  • Every company purchasing 100 or more Ethical Business Guides will be listed and linked to this website for the world to recognize!
  • Purchase 1000 or more guides and your company information with logo will be printed on the cover

 Distributing the guide is helping “raise the bar” in ethical business practices worldwide and at the same time communicating that you are a principle-based company.


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