Ethical Brewskies

BrewskiCan you imagine meeting in the pub for the sole purpose of discussing ethics over a few beers? Consider this situation: You are caring for a hungry girl whom you can’t afford to feed. What do you do? Do you steal food, or do you let her starve in the name of law and order?

For many people, thorny ethical questions can be difficult to swallow. For one nonprofit in Michigan, USA, and the Rotarians who support it, moral ambiguity is a dish best served with a cold beer.

In February, hosted the third annual Big Ethical Question Slam at Conor O’Neill’s Irish Pub in Ann Arbor, drawing a diverse crowd of students, retirees, professionals, and academics to weigh life’s dilemmas over a few pints.

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  1. By meeting in a pub over fish and chips and a few pints as the article mentions they really did a good job of disarming academia so to speak. It sounds like most of the participants were from Universities and large social organizations so they would have certainly all come with their own thoughts and biases. This format would have really allowed for some open discussion and sharing.

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