Concern for Customer

An ethical business has a service-driven culture where concern for the customer coincides with concern for sales and profits.


  • Product or Service is mutually beneficial
    An ethical business relationship begins when the provider and customer share a common passion for the project, service or product provided.
  • Partnership established with customers for long term relationship
    Prioritizing service results in greater trust with your customers. Trust is the basis of teamwork, which provides a platform for successful business relationships.


  • Product or Service is sold only when expected company/industry standards are met
    The service provided simply has no room for poor quality. The pursuit of excellence must be the norm. The beauty of the pursuit is invigorating and contagious, and will spread throughout your company culture.
  • Continuous improvement objectives are part of the company philosophy
    Company puts quality first and always strives to improve.
  • Company stands behind product/service
    The company can go beyond the basic return policy. This should be considered when reasonable and fair to both parties to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Company welcomes customer feedback and takes appropriate action and customer follow-up
    The company embraces feedback and uses it to improve their product or service.


  • Hires suitable staff
    Company conducts hiring with the customer (both external and internal) in mind.
  • Train staff appropriately and recognizes good customer service
    Training programs should include consistent, appropriate and ethical behavior toward customers.
  • Communicate expectations to staff effectively
    This flows from the CEO down. Occasional reminders, memos, performance reviews or posters should remind staff of expected behaviors toward the customer.
  • Demonstrate a service-driven culture
    “Servant-Leadership” principles are taught and practiced throughout the organization and thus manifests itself when serving customers. A servant leader is one that has a true passion for service regardless of position held and demonstrates this to staff.


  • Place focus on the value for money paid by customer
    The company should provide a value proposition to satisfy customers (such as guarantees).
  • Always strive to meet or exceed customer expectations
    It is vital that every company place service to the customer as the number one priority. Excellent service and exceeding customer expectations benefit the organization through increased business.