• Do You Listen to the Whistleblower?

    Sometimes the source of the ethical missteps whispering in our ear does not otherwise stand up to message credibility. Can we ignore it or do we look past the “squeaky wheel” and act on the facts. Mark Paston makes a good point here. Read The Biggest Ethical Mistake
  • Unintended Cruelty

    I may or may not have worked for a company that exhibited unintended cruelty to the staff. Here is how it may or may not have worked: The United Way campaign was a top priority to the company owners. They believed that it was everyone’s duty to contribute to this cause. I may or may […]
  • Ethics Occasionally Falls into a Gray Area

    Brank Bures writes in the December 2013 Rotarian Magazine: In this gray world, our ethical choices are almost always a trade-off. But for us to know what we are trading, Kleinman says, you have to look at what people actually do rather than what they say. You must be aware of the values being lived […]
  • The Cult of Testing

    This article previously appeared in Edoc Service, Inc . web blog March 10, 2014 Everybody wants to get into our mind. How to do it? We test. Why do we do it? So many noble reasons: We need to find the right applicant (meaning of course we reject all others) We need to place the right […]
  • Paying It Forward with an Ethics Workshop

    “Pay it Forward” is an expression describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of back to the original benefactor. The concept is old, and was coined by Lily Hammond in her 1916 novel “In the Garden of Delight.” More recently, we know about “Pay it Forward” from the film of the same […]
  • Ethical Brewskies

    Can you imagine meeting in the pub for the sole purpose of discussing ethics over a few beers? Consider this situation: You are caring for a hungry girl whom you can’t afford to feed. What do you do? Do you steal food, or do you let her starve in the name of law and order? […]
  • Content Provision in the Digital Age: 21st Century Ethics are the Same as the 20th

    As a writer, editor and public relations professional, it’s a compliment when a reporter or blogger uses your words verbatim.  But even if cutting and pasting is good for business in the PR world, it’s just not good ethics. It should be no surprise to professional writers that journalistic ethics in the 21st century are […]
  • The Code of Ethics: Where It Begins

    Public employees, a group with which I am proud to be part of, are heavily regulated when it comes to that broad concept that we call ethics.  From the smallest form of government to the highest offices in the land, we are guided by Codes of Ethics that are designed to insure that appointed or […]
  • How to Stay Out of Jail

    Ben Horowitz had terrific presence of mind when hiring a new CFO, one that was highly revered and recommended. He insisted on parameters on her actions and followed his company principles illustrated by his speech to the staff: “In this business, we may run into trouble. We may miss a quarter. We may even go […]
  • Once More From the Top

    The Ethical Business Guide emphasizes ethical leadership. Did you know that a business leader is like a theatre director? No, wait. Hear me out.  Theatre directors are trained to work towards a successful production (organizational product) through a realized vision (mission) for a diverse audience (consumers). Theatre, at its best, exemplifies pure collaboration. Directors give […]